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Voxfire is a BrandArt Consultancy

We help brands collaborate with emerging artists, photographers, musician, filmmakers, performers and musicians 

Use creative and artistic expression to differentiate your brand's position, perception, and purpose.  

From collaborations with an underground street artist for a guerrilla marketing campaign

to a still life painter for a limited-edition packaging

to an indie filmmaker for a branded viral video, the BrandArt possibilities are endless



Art Consultant that lives and breathes Marketing Communication

Helping Brands work with Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Performers, and Art Institutions

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 Differentiate... Reinvigorate... Activate... Demonstrate


EPSON sponsors our Valentine's 2014 photography show "Hot Spots"

Nestle integration with "Lost in Lantau" exhibition featuring a reclusive Tofu Dessert maker.

HK design brand G.O.D. sponsors the show "Full Blown 80's" - which matches with the brand's retro design aesthetics.


Aussie beer brand Lucky Beer has been an avid participant in HK's art scene since it entered the market.  We love their buddha belly bottle designs.


Hip audio brand Skull Candy collaborated with our artists who incorporated their iconic headphones into their artwork during our show "Skate Deck Art"