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Voxfire is a BrandArt Consultancy

We help brands collaborate with emerging artists, photographers, musician, filmmakers, performers and musicians 

Use creative and artistic expression to differentiate your brand's position, perception, and purpose.  

From collaborations with an underground street artist for a guerrilla marketing campaign

to a still life painter for a limited-edition packaging

to an indie filmmaker for a branded viral video, the BrandArt possibilities are endless



Fast Fashion

Vincent Tam

We thought we've seen it all - until now.  

Taco Bell collaborates fashion brand The Hundreds to come out with these fun 'taco socks'.  Never thought the sight of feet will make our stomachs growl… :)

Snap&filtering our way to a new business model?

Vincent Tam

Next time when your friend tell you to hurry up when you stop to snap and upload a shot onto Instagram, or when your parents tell you to "put that phone down" before a meal, tell them the story of Daniel Arnold.

Who you ask?

Well Daniel's a photographer in Brooklyn who made $15,000 in a day selling prints of his instagram photos!   Read about his story here.  Check out some of Daniel's other works on Gawker.  Taking seemingly images of the seemingly 'mundane daily slices of life' has paid off.

Photo by Daniel Arnold

Photo by Daniel Arnold

My point is, as we all snap&filter away on your phone, we are all actually creating our very own "creative asset" and "intellectual property" which may actually one day be of value!

Begs the question: would Instagram eventually be the ultimate crowd-sourced version of Getty Images?

The making of the GODFATHER of #BrandsMeetArt

Vincent Tam

Working on the largest Andy Warhol exhibition in Asia for the past 2.5 years has taught me not about how to market a large scale multi-city traveling exhibition, nor was it just about working with sponsors like Christie's and Bloomberg, and it wasn't even so much about navigating the multi-tiered rights approval process including the Marilyn Monroe Estate and The Warhol Foundation... but the fact that Warhol, as an artist, mastered (intentionally or not) the true ART OF MARKETING.

He first established himself as a "Brand"...



Then he collaborated - with other "brands" in the form of celebrities and branded icons

And focused on the IDEA versus the execution...

Then created work that was essentially Marketing...

And developed "mini-brand extensions" via his famous Factory setup (And coined the term 'Superstars').

Finally transforming the industry - both the art world and the marketing / advertising world.

And VOILA, the Godfather of #BrandsMeetArt was born :)


An Art Inspired Runway

Vincent Tam

The line between art and fashion is often quite blurred... sometimes literally! 

Click through the gallery below to see some of the "art inspired runway looks" we collected.  Some of these piece are simply gorgeous in our humble opinion.

March Exhibition Announcement: "Memento mori"

Vincent Tam

Voxfire will be collaborating with multimedia art consultancy Input/Output for our upcoming show "Memento mori" featuring two talented young artists here in Hong Kong.  

Here's a sneak peek of some of the works from the show, hope to see some of you at our opening on Friday March 7th!

Major hotel artfair adds glitz to the "Darkside"

Vincent Tam

So we are a week away from the Asia Hotel Art Fair, which has been held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central - Hong Kong's CBD.  This year the art fair will move the Marco Polo hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. 

And we are excited - because despite what you think, there's life, and a vibrant one indeed, across the harbour.

In addition to the art fair itself, Harbour City, the large mega-mall that houses the hotel, will be turned into a huge gallery - featuring artworks utilizing its public spaces around the mall.

Art fair crosses the harbour!

The "Godfather" of micro-films bring returns for sequel

Vincent Tam

Almost a decade ago, BMW shook things up by criss-crossing lanes between Madison Avenue and Hollywood Blvd via their launch of BMW Films - a visually powerful storytelling of the BMW brand through high quality production and Hollywood-caliber talents (aka Clive Owens starring).  

Ever since then, branded online entertainment content has taken off, harking back to the brand supported soap-opera of the 50s (which if you didn't know, got it's very name from soap companies who were the main sponsors of these daytime/female homemaker targeted programs).

Now BMW has announced that it will be bringing back BMW Films - with sequels (still Owens?).  Obviously expectations are high - but 10 years on, where attention span has condensed to a few seconds and the success of user generated Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and microfilmblogging services, would BMW Films be able to pique the interest of our new "Selfie-obsessed" generation (many of whom, I might add were not even old enough to remember the original BMW Films).  

And the fact that anyone can now easily create and publish video content, would high-production online films that run over 2 to 3 minutes still appeal to the masses?  

I guess we just want to wait and see.

Chilly Winter Night at "Hot Spots" Opening

Vincent Tam

Ok, so the big news is that Hong Kong is colder than Sochi this week.  

But art lovers are passionate indeed, as we saw them braving 5 degrees weather to attend out February Valentine's show "Hot Spots".  

SCMP's 48Hours Magazine even covered our show in their issue this week - now that's hot!

Eyeliner body illustration: shu uemura's #brandsmeetart initiative

Vincent Tam

L'Oreal subrand shu uemura commissioned HK artist Little Thunder and performer Charlene Choi in a unique #brandsmeetart campaign - featuring eyeliner-created-bodyart performed by Little Thunder on Choi.   Kind of reminds us of henna art.


Would be even more wonderful if this is integrated with a consumer-engagement campaign - maybe one is in the works?! :))

Check out this video!

Uncovering an awesome museum exhibition ad

Vincent Tam

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago just launched this series of truly innovative outdoor advertising for their current art-as-archaeology exhibit "The Way of the Shovel"

What better way to convey archaeology than an interactive ad that allows passerbys to 'scratch' off to reveal artwork underneath?  Check out these images courtesy of the MCA in  Chicago (click to scroll)

Graffiti Beats

Vincent Tam

We are loving our new Beats limited edition headphones featuring street artist Futura's Atom artwork series.  This headphone is a thing of beauty!

Click to scroll

When Creatives and Corporates Collide

Vincent Tam

Oh what a night!  Our very first "Creative Industry Collective" networking and official Launch of Voxfire Agency event was a success! 

Our space was packed and people kept flowing in throughout the night, we didn't even know we could accommodate such a crowd!

We loved hearing feedback such as "it's about time there's an event like this!" and "what a great forum!" - it begs the question why there are so few networking events that bring marketing professionals and creative artists together?

Special Thanks to BNY Mellon for sponsoring the raffle drawing (a gift of music) and for SCAD for spreading the word about the event!

CLICK on the Images below to scroll through the gallery

Epson Sponsors "HOT SPOTS" show at Voxfire Gallery

Vincent Tam

We are super excited that Epson Hong Kong has decided to sponsor the upcoming photography show at Voxfire Gallery.  Our team spent the morning working with Epson's team at their Cheung Sha Wan printing studio along with one of our participating artists Wai Kit Lam. 

Love when #brandsmeetart happens right before your eyes!!


Thanks #EpsonHK

Rock n' roll gentlemen

Vincent Tam

Rock N' Roll gentlemen indeed - as one of our favorite menswear brands John Varvatos launch their newest ad campaign featuring none other than rock n' roll legend KISS over the weekend in Milan fashion week.

See how Varvatos injected these glam rock dudes with some rockin' style.

Watch the video of the campaign HERE>

When Hirst meets Disney...

Vincent Tam

Hirst commissioned by entertainment mega-brand Disney to... basically "Mickeyfy" his famous dot paintings... here's the result.  We aren't really the biggest Hirst fans, but this painting is just cool.  What's more, the painting will be auctioned off for a inner city kid's charity!