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Fashion-meets-art exhibition matures with Hermes

Vincent Tam

About 6 years ago, we were all giddy when Chanel Mobile Art descended onto our humble city with its Z.Hadid-designed spaceship-like exhibition space.  Hong Kong was fortunate to be the first city in the world to be graced with the presence of this innovative luxury brandmeetsart showcase. 

It was a fresh new way to tell a brand's story through art installations - complete with narratives.  Nothing we've seen much of before, and we had just moved here from NYC. 

And it was free for visitors - how fancy! 

Now six years later, fashion-meet-art exhibitions are much more commonplace.  There are those that do it well (Chanel's Little Black Dress photo exhibition and Esprit Dior exhibition in Shanghai) and then there are some that are just, well, less well curated - ie. more like a showroom. 

Ironically, by combining seemingly elitist and out-of-popular-reach elements of concept art and uber luxury brands suddenly made both accessible and within reach.  Somehow, through art, visitors can see themselves owning a piece of a brand they may have previously deemed unattainable or may not have related to it at all.  That's the power of #brandsmeetart.

This month, Hermes launched its Leather Forever exhibition at 'design retail hub' PMQ in HK.  This time our humble city was the sixth stop on its world tour, behind Shanghai and Taipei.  But at least before New York and Los Angeles... assuming they're part of the 'tour'.

Our team checked out the exhibition and reported back. 

A picture is worth 1000 words, or so they say... so here's a snippet from the exhibition.  Check it out before it ends on Sept 28th.