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Voxfire is a BrandArt Consultancy

We help brands collaborate with emerging artists, photographers, musician, filmmakers, performers and musicians 

Use creative and artistic expression to differentiate your brand's position, perception, and purpose.  

From collaborations with an underground street artist for a guerrilla marketing campaign

to a still life painter for a limited-edition packaging

to an indie filmmaker for a branded viral video, the BrandArt possibilities are endless



Creative Industry Collective Summer Party Networking

Vincent Tam

Just because it's summer doesn't mean business has to slow down... at least not for creative talents and marketing professionals who are planning Q4 and holiday season campaigns :D

Back at the ad agency, summers were one of the busiest times of the year for our planning and creative teams!

But hey, it IS summer, so we should let our hair down a bit.  Don't miss our quarterly Summer Party Networking event where you meet and "hang" with creative and marketing professionals.


Date:  Thurs Aug 21, 2014

Time:  7pm - 10pm

Who's invited:

- Corporate Marketing / Media / Advertising / PR Professionals

- Creative talents / freelancers: artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians, designers! 

Cost: FREE (we love that!)

Wine and light nibbles served!  Please RSVP at our Facebook event page!