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Voxfire is a BrandArt Consultancy

We help brands collaborate with emerging artists, photographers, musician, filmmakers, performers and musicians 

Use creative and artistic expression to differentiate your brand's position, perception, and purpose.  

From collaborations with an underground street artist for a guerrilla marketing campaign

to a still life painter for a limited-edition packaging

to an indie filmmaker for a branded viral video, the BrandArt possibilities are endless



Art/Basel we'll miss you...

Vincent Tam

Yes Art/Basel is over.  And we're sad.  Not so much that the arty-buzz is fizzling out, but the fact that each year Art/Basel reminds us that HK still lacks a state-of-the-art venue for top quality international art.  Yes M+ is in the works but it won't officially open till (GASP!) 2018!!

So as we bid farewell to the visiting galleries, here are some of our own favourites from this year's show.  Enjoy! (Click to scroll)