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Voxfire is a BrandArt Consultancy

We help brands collaborate with emerging artists, photographers, musician, filmmakers, performers and musicians 

Use creative and artistic expression to differentiate your brand's position, perception, and purpose.  

From collaborations with an underground street artist for a guerrilla marketing campaign

to a still life painter for a limited-edition packaging

to an indie filmmaker for a branded viral video, the BrandArt possibilities are endless



Non-Linear Entertainment Spells Opportunities for #BrandsMeetArt?

Vincent Tam

Content is king.  Make that non-linear content is king.  Adweek recently posted an article around "5 Great Shows you can't see on Linear TV"

We can't be more excited about this new trend - which may have been kicked off by Netflix's Emmy Winning programming.  Because this opens up to a vast # of channel opportunities and freedom for independent filmmakers to tell their stories. 

And how can brands leverage non-linear programming?  By smart (not strategic, there's a difference) alignment with stories that enhance a brand's DNA is one way to go, and even getting artists to tell a brands story from a unique perspective is a way to go. 

Here's to hoping for deeper #BrandsMeetArt collaborations coming out of this phenomenon.