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The Colors of Winter ~ CRAYONS Exhibition Opening

Vincent Tam

Hongkongers (locals and expats alike) love complaining about the city's hot summers.  So while much of the world is experiencing one of the buuurrrrr-iest minus-degrees winters, we are lucky to be enjoying our 60F / 17C clear skies and breezy "winter" with rooftop parties and alfresco brunches.   And with the opening of CRAYONS last night, it was clear that HK winters are bursting with color! 

Not only that!  The opening night was generously sponsored by BUNGALOW - from the Prive Group - Hong Kong's hottest new French supper lounge featuring their yummy canapes all night.  Their croque monsieur were to die for!

Featuring works by HK based French born artist Harold de Puymorin, CRAYONS highlights this vibrant and visually dynamic city in which we live.  His "beyond the subject" perspective on a city frequently described as "New-York-on-coke" - the CRAYONS series truly push the limits and delivers visually stunning work featuring stimulating colors and provocative geometrics.  Yes de Puymorin's works are absolutely addictive!

Don't miss the show, from January 16 - January 31st at Voxfire Gallery. 

Gallery Hours:  Tuesday - Friday 12pm - 7pm / Saturdays 12pm - 6pm / Sun & Mon: Appointment via

Designer promotion... our new calling?! :)

Vincent Tam

We had the most amazing night last night, hosting the opening of #ForHIM Holiday Bazaar - our first men's accessories focused shopping event featuring handmade products and unique brands. Over bubbles and sponsored by MIO Sparkling Sake (this stuff is addictive), guests Christmas-shopped for themselves and the guys in their lives.  

Featuring brands including mix of local designers such as SIMPLUS Leather, Koncept, Dark Knot, The5thL, and Little Passer, Filth, and Erica Wong Craftshop, as well as hot and hard-to-find imports such as Nori Socks, WeWood Watches, and Classico frames.  Lots of amazing styles and options.  The reception was great and we're super excited to be promoting these local brands and entrepreneurs to the masses. :)  

Not only that, street artist duo Don't Cry in the Morning graced us with their amazing technicolor experimental work throughout the night.  We love you guys and look forward to seeing more from you around town!

Political Occupation to Creative Reclamation...

Vincent Tam

In a city where space is gold, it’s been wonderful to witness what artists, designers, and people in general, have done in the past weeks when given the freedom to express themselves in open / non-curated environments.  And we’ve see creativity not just in artistic expression but as creative functional as well. 

Walking down Causeway Bay and Admiralty reminded me of the old IKEA campaign where subway stations are transformed into living spaces. 

During these past weeks, instead of subway trains, the occupiers have taking it into the streets and transformed roads and highways into living spaces, from classrooms and study halls, to dining rooms and bedrooms.  And they’ve then surrounded themselves with artworks and designs that inject colour, dynamism, and energy into their make-shift living spaces.  

Politics aside, we see the current movement less about 'occupation' of places like Admiralty or Mongkok or Causeway Bay but more of a 'reclamation' of what's rightfully our natural right --- our god-given personal space.  Which is incredibly hard to come by in this city owned by a handful of 'real estate mongrels' (oops I meant 'moguls').  We step out of our tiny cramp apartments only to venture out into elbow-to-elbow restaurants, speedy escalators, freezer-like malls, and three-foot wide sidewalks.  No wonder the 'occupiers' don't want to retreat home... they finally have SPACE where they can live!

As a gallery space dedicated to locally groomed/working artists in HK, seeing the movement unfold has been nothing short of fascinating and long-lost pride in our city other than just being a money-hungry metropolis.

We’ve been fascinated with the seemingly neverending creativity fueled by youthful passion and ideals… not retail.

Quite surprisingly, we’ve also been proud that, at least as of today, we live in a city whose people are still able to express themselves creatively – in all its glory – without censorship or stampeding.  To be honest, it would be hard to imagine similar setups replicated in most other major cities.  I just can’t imagine Angelenos closing off and living on the 405 or New Yorkers suddenly erecting a sculpture surrounded by small potted plants at the intersection of 57th and Broadway sans permit.

As a gallerist and champion of the local creative industry, we have heard so many times over the years who've bitched (perhaps rightfully so) about the lack of creativity in our finance-obsessed city.   

But as the world has seen – the sheer number of creative energy generated in the past 30 days at various occupy sites have finally prove to the world quite the contrary.   And we believe the newfound attention to the city’s creativity will pay off in spades.

This segment from CNN sheds more light on the creativity that has come out from the movement.

Not enough of "Just Enuf" Opening Reception

Vincent Tam

Last night saw the opening of our latest exhibition "Just Enuf" by Brooklyn born / HK based artist Aisha "Moon" Johnson.  It was such an awesome night and was a great way to kick off the weekend!  We saw a few red-dots as well which was awesome!  

Thanks guys for your support and special thanks to Nelson Caban, who was the master photographer of the night, and his special guest DJ ChaseDNZAltieri who come in on a 24hr turnaround from Seoul just to amp up the night for us with his incredible beats!  

Check out the event photos in the gallery below.  To add yourself to our mailing list for the next Voxfire event, email us at!

Fashion-meets-art exhibition matures with Hermes

Vincent Tam

About 6 years ago, we were all giddy when Chanel Mobile Art descended onto our humble city with its Z.Hadid-designed spaceship-like exhibition space.  Hong Kong was fortunate to be the first city in the world to be graced with the presence of this innovative luxury brandmeetsart showcase. 

It was a fresh new way to tell a brand's story through art installations - complete with narratives.  Nothing we've seen much of before, and we had just moved here from NYC. 

And it was free for visitors - how fancy! 

Now six years later, fashion-meet-art exhibitions are much more commonplace.  There are those that do it well (Chanel's Little Black Dress photo exhibition and Esprit Dior exhibition in Shanghai) and then there are some that are just, well, less well curated - ie. more like a showroom. 

Ironically, by combining seemingly elitist and out-of-popular-reach elements of concept art and uber luxury brands suddenly made both accessible and within reach.  Somehow, through art, visitors can see themselves owning a piece of a brand they may have previously deemed unattainable or may not have related to it at all.  That's the power of #brandsmeetart.

This month, Hermes launched its Leather Forever exhibition at 'design retail hub' PMQ in HK.  This time our humble city was the sixth stop on its world tour, behind Shanghai and Taipei.  But at least before New York and Los Angeles... assuming they're part of the 'tour'.

Our team checked out the exhibition and reported back. 

A picture is worth 1000 words, or so they say... so here's a snippet from the exhibition.  Check it out before it ends on Sept 28th. 

Painting the Streets of Melbourne

Vincent Tam

Famed for its street art culture, the entire city is pretty much a blank canvas for both local and international street artists to express themselves.  I can say, Melbourne, especially the trendy Fitzroy area, has got most places in the world beat when it comes to vibrant art on the streets.  Here are just some (probably like 1%) of the highlights.  Enjoy! :)

Another amazing CIC night ~~ event photos are up!

Vincent Tam

(Click images to view full album)

I swear, HK's creative and marketing talents are abundant!  As Voxfire continue our evolution to a #Brandmeetsart agency, our quarterly CIC (Creative Industry Collective) events are proving to be increasingly popular each time! :D  With both repeats and fresh faces each time - making the event that much more dynamic.

A few feedback we heard among the music, chat, laughter, and mingling were... "great energy!"... "what a unique forum to meet artists"..."didn't know this existed in HK!" - all very encouraging for us to continue our efforts here.

In addition Liz from Lizzie Bee gave a highly thoughtful introduction to the great work she and her team has been doing by bringing arts to HK's underprivileged communities - was wonderful to support spreading the word!

Thank you all for coming out last night and we hope to see you again at our FALL 2014 networking mixer! :D

Creative Industry Collective Summer Party Networking

Vincent Tam

Just because it's summer doesn't mean business has to slow down... at least not for creative talents and marketing professionals who are planning Q4 and holiday season campaigns :D

Back at the ad agency, summers were one of the busiest times of the year for our planning and creative teams!

But hey, it IS summer, so we should let our hair down a bit.  Don't miss our quarterly Summer Party Networking event where you meet and "hang" with creative and marketing professionals.


Date:  Thurs Aug 21, 2014

Time:  7pm - 10pm

Who's invited:

- Corporate Marketing / Media / Advertising / PR Professionals

- Creative talents / freelancers: artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians, designers! 

Cost: FREE (we love that!)

Wine and light nibbles served!  Please RSVP at our Facebook event page!

Voxfire's Graffreaky Opening

Vincent Tam

Super excited about the wonderful turnout at the exhibition opening of The Graffreaky Show - featuring a dynamic collection of works by Hong Kong (more like Mongkok) based Parisan street artist Samee Sam.  We're happy Samee chose to collaborate with Voxfire to exhibit first show in Hong Kong. 

Best of luck Samee - your talent and determination will surely take you far! 

Check out these shots from the opening night:

There's something about Koons

Vincent Tam

Having just returned from New York, we were fortunate to be able to check out the latest Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney.  And yes it was an eye opener, and I'm not just talking about the artworks.

Actually to be quite honest, his body of work wasn't half as inspiring as what we feel is his true artistry:  the ability to skilfully dance along the fine lines between branding, merchandising, and art.  Oh how elegant and beautiful is he dances... often with the stars (Lady Gaga!)

This week, the man who attempted to trademark balloon animals, announced the upcoming Koons x H&M collaboration.  Another example of great art licensing / merchandising at work. 

Regardless of your critique of him as an artist, you gotta hand it to him as being one of the most influential branding mastermind of our generation.


Art/Basel we'll miss you...

Vincent Tam

Yes Art/Basel is over.  And we're sad.  Not so much that the arty-buzz is fizzling out, but the fact that each year Art/Basel reminds us that HK still lacks a state-of-the-art venue for top quality international art.  Yes M+ is in the works but it won't officially open till (GASP!) 2018!!

So as we bid farewell to the visiting galleries, here are some of our own favourites from this year's show.  Enjoy! (Click to scroll)

The Circus Sideshow

Vincent Tam

Last night was the opening of Sideshow Basel , our complementary exhibition to #ArtBaselHK happening this week.  Sideshow Basel features artists Lio Yeung, Catherine Grossrieder, and Dylan DeRose - each bringing their unique perspectives on the subject. 

In a week when the city is jam packed with art parties and gallery events, we weren't sure how the turnout was gonna be.  Plus the not-so-pleasant hot-mid weather, we didn't know what to expect.

As in turned out - artlovers turned up in droves!  There seems to be an appetite for alternative artist expressions in this city and to our visitors, our "Sideshow" was their main event last night.

If you missed it, here are some photos to document a fun night filled with wine, beer, popcorn and laughter.  HK local art scene rocks!

Non-Linear Entertainment Spells Opportunities for #BrandsMeetArt?

Vincent Tam

Content is king.  Make that non-linear content is king.  Adweek recently posted an article around "5 Great Shows you can't see on Linear TV"

We can't be more excited about this new trend - which may have been kicked off by Netflix's Emmy Winning programming.  Because this opens up to a vast # of channel opportunities and freedom for independent filmmakers to tell their stories. 

And how can brands leverage non-linear programming?  By smart (not strategic, there's a difference) alignment with stories that enhance a brand's DNA is one way to go, and even getting artists to tell a brands story from a unique perspective is a way to go. 

Here's to hoping for deeper #BrandsMeetArt collaborations coming out of this phenomenon. 

Industry immersion Tuesday

Vincent Tam

Our team had a full day yesterday which started bright and early with the #RetailHK conference hosted by Marketing Magazine held in Tsim Sha Tsui ~ wonderful locale btw and glad some meaningful events are happening kowloonside :) The attendance was spectacular with marketing leaderships from brands such as Puma, MTR, New Balance, Walmart, Wellcome, Sanrio, Starbucks....... just to name a few. After a full day of stimulating talks around topics ranging from CRM to big data to property and innovation, we hopped across the harbour over to the HSBC building to attend the opening reception and launch of the Marketing Society #MSocAsia in Hong Kong. Many familiar faces at the event and makes one proud to be part of such a dynamic industry! We look forward to even more such quality events in the future!

Mr.Men x Hello Kitty

Mr.Men x Hello Kitty

#MSocAsia launch

#MSocAsia launch

I Dream of Kusama

Vincent Tam

We really enjoyed Kusama Yayoi's largest Asia exhibition in Shanghai's Museum of Contemporary Art right now featuring new and existing works. 

The "queen of dots", who collaborated with the likes of Louis Vuitton and whose work was most recently featured on the cover of Wallpaper featuring a 'dotted' George Clooney, has been a #BrandsMeetArt inspiration for a while.

Check out some of the highlights from exhibition in the photo gallery below (Click to scroll):


Vincent Tam

After the Affordable Art Fair just last weekend, this week our team is occupied by #FILMART in Hong Kong.  

Content content content!

As the largest film market tradeshow in Asia, there was certainly lots to see.  Let's just say the entertainment sector seems to be thriving - as the buzz was all about the "New China" when it comes to being an entertainment market.  

Now back to more screenings!

A Vodka Brand, a Graphic Artist, and the World

Vincent Tam

Absolut is no stranger to artist-collaborations from its creative advertising to limited edition bottle packaging. 

So it's not wonder that they've ventured into a hot trend of today: branded entertainment.  This time they've reached beyond partnering with an artist, in this case famed graphic novelist Rafael Grampá, but into the socialsphere through crowdsourcing of Facebook users for its #NextFrame project to come up with the storyline for the animated short "Dark Noir".

Watch this unique #BrandsMeetArt collaboration in the making:

And watch "Dark Noir" here:

Creative Industry Collective - Spring Networking Date Announced

Vincent Tam

So SPRING has (somewhat) officially SPRUNG.  Back by popular demand, our upcoming Creative Industry Collective (CIC) networking finally has a date confirmed!  And it's in April.

The event will feature a short talk by Larry Kwan of HKU's Faculty of Social Sciences on "The Value of Arts and Culture in Corporate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)" - ... this one that corporate communication and PR professionals should not miss!

Event Details:

Date:  Thursday April 10th 2014

Time:  7:00pm - 10:00pm

Where: Voxfire Gallery (1st Floor 52 Gage Street, Central.  Entrance to bldg. off Aberdeen Street)

Cost: FREE

Drinks and Snacks will be served

Who should attend??

Creative Talents: Artists, photographers, designers, writers, filmmakers, musicians, performers, models, actors, DJs

Communication Professionals:  Marketers, advertising professionals, media, PR, branding, event producers, digital marketers

Come and meet new friends in the creative and communication industries!  We hope to see you there.

Introducing Sonya Fu - amazing works

Vincent Tam

We are excited that Voxfire Gallery's current show "Memento Mori" is receiving the widespread publicity by the media.  Today saw the triple-page coverage of the exhibition including an in-depth coverage of its artist Sonya Fu.  Brands interesting in an artist collaboration - contact us :)

Click to scroll

Fabulous Night @ Artwalk 2014

Vincent Tam

We had a BLAST last night hosting all the wonderful Artwalk visitors at Voxfire Gallery.  

This year we switched things up a bit, syncing the theme of our show "Memento mori" with yummy roasted pork sponsored by Hong Kong Foodie Tour, combined with appropriately named Chilean wine Casillero del Diablo, ie. "Devil's Cellar" from Pudao Wines.

Last night also saw the launch of sexy new premium import water brand NY2O.  Shipped to the gallery from the Big Apple just days before the event, our attendees got to taste the Catskill Mountain exclusively here. 

But ultimately the artworks spoke for themselves.  Alan Kwan's intriguing "Beating Clock" installation was definitely an eye opener for all attendees.  While Sonya Fu's mesmerising digital paintings drew long intense stares.

Here are just a few photos from the night.  Click through to enjoy!  Thanks for supporting Voxfire!